Conference Review

ICEMSS2022 and ICEDUIT2022 were successfully held online on November 27, 2022. Experts and scholars from related research fields in domestic universities participated in the meeting and carried out academic exchanges. During the meeting, all the participants actively and enthusiastically expressed their unique insights on the theme of the meeting and exchanged experience with each other.

Keynote Speeches

Below are some keynote speeches delivered at the conference:

Keynote Speeches Dr. Ran Zhang

Keynote Speeches1:Dr. Ran Zhang

Business School, Renmin University of China, Beijing, China

Speech Topic: Production Complementarity and Momentum Spillover Across Industries

Keynote Speeches Dr. Ran Zhang Keynote Speeches Dr. Ran Zhang

Oral Presentation Session

Below are some oral presentations delivered at the conference:

Oral Presenter

Speech Topic

Kahaer Rezhake

A Study of the Impact of Emotional Leadership on Employee Innovation Performance——The Role of Psychological Capital and Employee Tradition

Zhang Rui

Research on the Influence of Marketization Level on Corporate Social Irresponsibility: From the Perspective of Institutional Theory

Huang Shujing

Risk Spillover Between China's Carbon Market, Renewable Energy and Green Bonds

Du Huihuang

The Impact of Supplier Concentration on Firm Innovation from the Perspective of Competition and Cooperation Relationship

Sun Lu

Openness, Financial Development and High-quality Economic Development--An Empirical Study on Port Cities Based on the Fulcrum of the "Maritime Silk Road"

  • Oral: Kahaer Rezhake

    Kahaer Rezhake

  • Oral: Zhang Rui

    Zhang Rui

  • Oral: Huang Shujing

    Huang Shujing

  • Oral: Du Huihuang

    Du Huihuang

  • Oral: Sun Lu

    Sun Lu

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